Carmilla's Revenge by Mark Williams Le Fanu Signed Regal Limited Edition

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Hardcover Signed Regal Limited Edition of Carmilla's Revenge by Mark Williams Le Fanu! The ONLY true direct sequel to Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's

groundbreaking vampire novel, Carmilla. Penned by a direct descendant of the original author, this book is sure to be a much sought after volume!


  • Introduction by Jack Beaumont
  • Signed by Mark Williams Le Fanu and Jack Beaumont
  • Full length novel, Carmilla's Revenge
  • limited to 125 copies
  • Hardcover
  • Artist: TBA


Carmilla's Revenge

Carmilla is back...and shes up to her old tricks!

Carmilla lives. They thought her destroyed years ago. They saw her staked and her body burned...yet they fell for a trick. Carmilla lives, and when you're immortal, you have all the time in the world to plot your vengeance.

Laura thought the horror she experienced with her once beloved friend-turned-fiend was over. She's all but forgotten the terrible experiences of her youth, and her brush with a vampire intent on killing, and enslaving her. She's now married, with a daughter not much younger than herself when she first met the malevolent being known as Carmilla.

Carmilla first resurfaces, and makes a victim of Laura's cousin. Then, she reappears in Laura's life again. Will she take Laura's daughter Isabelle? Will she finish what she started, and again seduce Laura?

Will anyone but Carmilla survive this encounter?



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