Monsters by Paul Melniczek Unsigned Paperback Edition

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The unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Paul Melniczek's Monsters! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by Glenn Chadbourne.


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by Glenn Chadbourne
  • Perfect bound
  • 170 pages


Monsters by Paul Melniczek

Monsters... they are seen all around us, and yet no real proof has ever been discovered.

Fact, or Fiction? Every culture describes them, and countless documentation and ancient texts mention their presence. The tales are passed down from one generation to another, whispered around campfires, and told to trembling children. Modern day adventures seek them out in hopes to discover evidence of their existence, and signs of the mythical truth. Are they real?

Regardless of the truth, pray that you never encounter one... Paul Melniczek takes us on a monster quest across the continents you will soon not forget. Stories which compel and frighten us as if we ourselves are hunted through dark and primeval forests, and confronted with the terrible and ultimate truth: Monsters do exist!

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