Social by S.M. Jackson Signed Marquis Trade Edition Paperback

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The Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Scott Jackson's Social! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by TBD. A chilling new novel by a new author in the genre!


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by TBD
  • Perfect bound
  • Handsigned by Scott Jackson
  • 250 pages


Social media arguments. We've all had them, and they never solve anything.

What happens when a social media argument continues to escalate beyond the usual banter?

Landon Terry is a mild-mannered lay minister. After swearing never to participate in social media, he finally caves and joins Socialbook at the behest of his friends and family. What he thought might be a great opportunity to spread the Gospel quickly takes a downturn. He never imagined how much his life would change with that one decision. After joining some Christian social media sites, he encounters a group of vicious internet trolls.

A war of words quickly becomes something much more.

Landon is content to have his say and walk away. The trolls however are not. After running afoul of the wrong group, Landon finds his world turned upside down. He starts getting threats in the mail. False allegations are made to his church about him. His wife, after constant harassment, leaves him. He even loses his day job. All because of social media.

Then things get bad...

A knock at the door becomes a life or death fight for Landon when his online tormentors pay him a visit in person...

Sometimes, it's better not to be social...

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