The Park by Jack Beaumont Unsigned Paperback Edition

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The unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Jack Beaumont's The Park! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by TBD. A chilling new novel by the author of The Pumpkin Man series!


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by TBD
  • Perfect bound
  • 250 pages

The Park

A small south Georgia town. One that you can blink and miss. One that only has a few houses per mile. Not the kind of place you'd expect to find a state-of-the-art recreational park on a lonely backroad.

Yet, there it sits, like a giant Venus Fly Trap made of metal, rubber, and plastic awaiting it's next meal.

No locals venture into the park. They know better. It wasn't built for them. It was built for the outsiders who are unlucky enough to pay it a visit.

Beware The may enter, but you will never leave...

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