The Summoning by Paul Melniczek Unsigned Paperback Edition

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The unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Paul Melniczek's The Summoning: Book Three of The Trencit Legacy! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by Wayne Miller.


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration & B&W Illustrations by Wayne Miller
  • Perfect bound
  • 369 pages

The Summoning: Book Three of The Trencit Legacy by Paul Melniczek



After surviving attacks by nightmarish creatures and valiantly fighting their way out of Grammore and the ever treacherous lowlands, Sarion and his band of loyal Trencit warriors are horrified to find that something evil has followed the men out of the dark woods. Towns and villages that were once considered safe from harm are under siege by dark and deadly creatures.

Having braved and survived attacks from Ogre's, giant Killworms, unspeakable monsters, as well as men who would betray them, the heroes return to the outer edges of the kingdom, only to find that the towns and villages along the way have been assaulted by minions of the Dark Mage.

Now it's up to Sarion and his men to drive even deeper into the heart of unknown lands in their quest to save the kingdom.

Can they root out and conquer the Dark Mage in time to stop his dark forces from destroying the Kingdom of Trencit, or will their quest lead them farther and farther into foreign lands where evil reigns?

Could there something more to the Dark Mage's motives?

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