The Green-Eyed Monster by Jack Beaumont Unsigned Paperback Edition

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The Unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Jack Beaumont's The Green-Eyed Monster! Featuring wrap-around jacket art by Alex McVey.


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by Alex McVey
  • Perfect bound
  • 66 pages

The Green-Eyed Monster


A forbidden and frowned upon emotion in most civilized cultures. From the dawn of time, we've been cautioned against it, yet jealousy remains a deep part of every culture. From the Ten Commandments to ancient folklore, it's been warned against for very good reason.

For Sarah Kirkpatrick, jealousy becomes a part of life. She couldn't care less about ancient folklore or Biblical warnings against it. She fails to see the destruction that jealousy has wrought throughout time. She ignores the warnings all around her and embraces the emotion with gusto.


The Green-Eyed Monster.

Some of us find out that he's only too real...and usually only when it's too late.

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