Taylor Smart and The Chamber of Skulls by Mark Randolph Watters Unsigned Paperback Edition

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The Unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Mark Randolph Watters' Taylor Smart and The Chamber of Skulls: Book 1 of The Raventon Mysteries! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by Ken "Blacktop" Gentle.


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration & B&W Illustrations by Ken "Blacktop" Gentle
  • Perfect bound
  • 396 pages


Taylor Smart and The Chamber of Skulls: The Raventon Mysteries Book #1

Welcome to Raventon, Georgia, a quiet river town... Having worked weekends for years renovating an antebellum home in the quaint town of Raventon, Mike Smart suddenly vanishes, leaving behind little more than a plaid shirt, a cell phone, and remnants of an apple pie. A year passes and still no sign of Mike. Lacking a body, authorities stop just short of declaring him officially dead, quietly believing it so. Taylor Smart and her mom, Susan, pick up the pieces as best they can in the wake of the devastating loss of Mike, moving to the small town of Raventon and into the refurbished old home. Local lore casts shadows of suspicion for Mike's disappearance upon the eccentric Miss Peasy, the Smarts' next-door neighbor who is much more than her weirdness paints her to be. Meanwhile, Taylor meets and befriends Bobbie Leigh Harwell, a bold and brazen girl plagued by the inconvenience of phobias. She introduces Taylor to the idea of exploring a certain cave. Caves, they soon learn, harbor secrets only the bravest dare explore. From day one, Raventon is anything but quiet -- and its residents anything but ordinary. Step into the Chamber of Skulls ... if you dare!

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