Dawn of The Pumpkin Man by Jack Beaumont Signed Marquis Trade Edition Paperback

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The Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Jack Beaumont's Dawn of The Pumpkin Man! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by Alex McVey. The chilling prequel to Night of The Pumpkin Man!


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by Alex McVey
  • Perfect bound
  • Handsigned by Jack Beaumont
  • 250 pages

Dawn of The Pumpkin Man:

Johnsonville, Alabama 1820:

There’s a rumor of a coven of witches in the woods!

Each year, Titus Anastas braves the road through the dense forest where the “witches” are said to live in order to sell his family’s harvested crops in the neighboring town of Silver Springs.

Along the way this season, he has a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams, Ruth Raven. After getting to know Ruth, he discovers that the “witches in the woods” are nothing more than Ruth and her small community, who just want
to be left alone and to live out their lives in peace.

After quickly falling in love, Titus and Ruth decide to marry. On what should be the happiest day of their young lives, a tragic mistake will take the lives of Ruth and her family; giving rise to the evil entity that will become forever known as The Pumpkin Man…

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