900 Miles: A Zombie Novel by S. Johnathan Davis Noble Trade Edition

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Noble Trade Edition of 900 Miles by S. Johnathan Davis.

John is a killer, but that wasn't his day job before the Apocalypse.

In a harrowing 900 mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise, John, a business man trapped in New York, soon learns that the zombies are the least of his worries, as he sees first-hand the horror of what man is capable of with no rules, no consequences and death at every turn.

Teaming up with an ex-army pilot named Kyle, they escape New York only to stumble across a man who says that he has the key to a rumored underground stronghold called Avalon – Will they find safety? Will they make it to Johns wife before it’s too late?

Get ready to follow John and Kyle in this fast-paced thriller that mixes zombie horror with gladiator style arena action!

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