Ogre's Passing by Paul Melniczek Noble Trade Edition

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The Noble Trade Edition Hardcover of Paul Melniczek's Ogre's Passing! Wayne Miller will be the featured artist for this title.


  • Printed on high quality, acid free paper!
  • Color & b&w illustrations by Wayne Miller
  • Smythe sewn binding
  • foil stamping front & spine

    Ogre's Passing

    Sarion is a former captain of the Trencit Western Watch, and now lives quietly on a farm with his young nephew Edward. When a company of warriors enters his land looking for him, he knows that his peaceful existence has come to an abrupt end. Dark stories have been circulating across the borderlands of strange creatures marauding the wooded outposts and homesteads. The common folk of Trencit's western frontier look to the horizon and the formidable Ridgeline which edges the land, whispering of the vast and dangerous Grammore Lowlands and the terrible things which live there, most of them known only in legend. Captain Grundel has sought out Sarion for his mastery of sword and bow, and his uncanny ability as tracksman. And one thing more; the fact that he's the last known man to have entered Grammore and survived. As he sets off with the small company of fighters, Sarion and Captain Grundel soon realize that the threat to Trencit is much greater than anticipated as they search for answers along the borderlands, drawing ever closer to the bleak shadow of the Grammore Lowlands and the horrors which dwell there, and within a short time, the hunters become the hunted... The first book in an epic fantasy trilogy, "Ogre's Passing" introduces us to the Kingdom of Trencit and its treacherous borderlands, an action-packed novel akin to the classic quest stories of the genre. Readers of both fantasy and horror will appreciate the dark atmosphere and constant snares which arise, following along with Sarion and his companions as they battle ferocious adversaries and discover things of both wondrous beauty and unsurpassed violence, as they try to unravel the mystery of what besets their homeland,and soon come to understand fully the consequences of failure.

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