Silver by Steven Savile Noble Trade Edition

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The Noble Trade Edition of Steven Savile's bestselling novel Silver. Includes a bonus trade paperback, Solomon's Seal, a Team Ogmios Novel! Both books feature stunning artwork by Glenn Chadbourne!


  • Printed on high quality, acid free paper!
  • Features color & b&w illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne
  • Smythe sewn binding
  • foil stamping front & spine


    Sometimes the truth is anything but honest.

    Sometimes the stories everyone knows by heart are lies.

    Sometimes lies are all we have left.

    Two thousand years ago, thirty silver Tyrian shekels were paid to secure the most infamous betrayal of all time. Melted down by the grandsons of Judas Iscariot, Menahem and Eleazar ben Jair, in the dark heart of the Sicarii fortress, Masada, the silver was re-forged as a dagger. When the Sicarii zealots committed mass suicide in AD73 the dagger of Iscariot and the truth of his sacrifice were lost. Until now.

    A religious cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. Its influence is pernicious, its reach long. In thirteen cities across Europe thirteen people martyr themselves in the name of Judas, promising forty days and forty nights of terror. They twist the worlds of ancient prophecies to drive home the fear. Everything you believe in will be proved wrong. Everything you hold true will fail.

    Day by day the West wakes to increasingly harrowing acts of terror. As fear cripples the capitals of Europe, who will be the next to fall? London? Rome? Berlin?

    In a race against time - and prophecy - believing the terrorists intend to assassinate the Pope as part of their plan to bring down the Catholic Church, Sir Charles Wyndham's team of combat specailists, codename Ogmios, tracks a labyrinthine course through truth, shades of truth and outright lies that takes them from the backstreets of London to the shadow of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and all the way into the heart of the Holy See itself.

    Forty days and forty nights of fear. And today is day one.

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