The GingerBed Man by Rainy Black Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition

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Marquis Signed Trade Paperback Edition of The GingerBed Man by Rainy Black.


  • Handsigned by Rainy Black
  • Only 50 paperbacks to be released
  • Cover art by Alex McVey
  • 200 pages

The GingerBed Man

What happens when a trio of horny college boys make their girlfriends some Christmas gumballs, spiking them with Spanish Fly, and then the girls use the candies to make a over-sized gingerbread man?

Why, you get a psychotic, homicidal, rapacious living gingerbread man of course.

Come along for the ride as the GingerBed Man leaves a trail of bodies behind on his sex-fueled rampage of death.

Christmas will never be the same! And neither will anyone who encounters the GingerBed Man.


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