The Witching Hour by Paul Melniczek unsigned Marquis Trade Paperback Edition

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The Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Paul Melniczek's The Witching Hour, a Halloween Novella


  • Cover and interior art by Caroline O'Neal
  • Perfect bound
  • Second in a four part Halloween novella series!

The Witching Hour

Halloween is fast approaching, and for Rusty that usually means trouble is brewing for him and his friends.

The past two years have been full of mischief and mayhem, as they found themselves fighting against old man Berger and his minions of evil as they tried to take control of the small town and its people. The trio of boys were the only thing standing in the way of disaster, and they had won the battle.

But perhaps not the war...

Berger's shadow now appears in a new but no less deadly guise, and Rusty once again finds himself in the midst of an age-old struggle of good against evil. Secrets have been unearthed, but new questions now arise, as the boys confront creatures which have crept out of the darkness, finding strength in the mystery and magic of the Halloween season as their power grows. Is Berger behind all the trouble again, his influence stretching from beyond the grave, or has a new enemy stepped forward? In this hair-raising sequel to MISCHIEF NIGHT, the adventures continue and the storyline weaves itself into uncharted regions, as Rusty and his friends discover that sometimes the monsters under the bed are real...


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Mischief Night by Paul Melniczek Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition Mischief Night by Paul Melniczek Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition
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