Artifact of Evil by Raymond Benson Signed Royal Lettered Edition

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The Signed Royal Lettered Edition Hardcover of Raymond Benson's Artifact Of Evil. Featuring artwork by Kristin Fox! 




  • Limited to 26 copies!
  • Signed by Raymond Benson & Kristin Fox
  • Acid-free 60lb natural papers
  • Includes different signature page, 2 additional color illustrations and 2 additional b&w illustrations
  • Full color dustjacket and 6 b&w illustrations


About the book:

Artifact of Evil by Raymond Benson

Someone is out there killing babies. Ritualistic style serial killings of the most innocent among us. At the center of this whirlwind of evil is an ancient artifact. This artifact has been possessed by some of the most evil men throughout history. Saddam Hussein once owned it. Adolph Hitler once owned it. Attila the Hun once owned it. It even belonged to Judas at one time. What is this artifact of evil and how is it connected to these murders?

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