The Unseen by Paul Melniczek Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition

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The Signed Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Paul Melniczek's The Celebration! Featuring full color wrap-around jacket art by Glenn Chadbourne.


  • Awesome Color Cover Illustration by Glenn Chadbourne
  • Perfect bound
  • Handsigned by Paul Melniczek
  • 98 pages

The Unseen by Paul Melniczek

Lewis, a strange young man living in a secluded house deep in the woods. A loner with few friends.

His isolation however, is not by choice, but rather necessity. Should anyone discover his dark secret, it'd put them in danger. Serious, deadly serious, danger. While Lewis misses the warmth of human companionship and pines for the fellowship of his childhood crush, he knows that his life must remain one of solitude.

When a freak accident causes Lewis to become involved with the folks from town, it also causes his secret to become known.

Fear and ignorance soon leads to death and destruction and may lead to the end for Lewis.

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