Carmilla's Revenge by Mark Williams Le Fanu Signed Marquis Trade Paperback

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The SIGNED Marquis Trade Paperback Edition of Mark Williams Le Fanu's Carmilla's Revenge.

  • Handsigned by Mark Williams Le Fanu
  • 204 pages

    Carmilla's Revenge
    Eighteen years ago, Laura's father and an army general thought they had destroyed Carmilla, a female vampire plaguing the quiet countryside and claiming young women as victims.

    They were wrong.

    Carmilla's back, and she's patiently awaited the right moment to seek her revenge.

    Carmilla's Revenge is the only truly inspired sequel to Carmilla, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It's penned by a direct descendant of the original author, and picks up where the original tale left off.
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